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Vision 8.5m

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LOA: 28'0"
Beam: 9'0"
Draught: 5'9"
Freeboard forward: 3'5"
Freeboard aft: 2'9"
Height of mast: 38'6"
Sail area:
Mail 160 sqft
Headsail 240 sqft
Displacement: 6000 lbs
Headroom in cabin: 5'6"
Lead ballast: 2800 Ibs
Waterline length: 23'0"
Hours to construct: 2000
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The 28ft VISION has been designed for offshore racing and is also an ideal cruising boat as the beamy stable hull gives good accommodation without sacrificing performance. This craft has excellent windward ability and also proves fast and easy to handle when reaching. The sail plan reflects the modern trend of a small easily handled mainsail and large overlapping headsails on a robust masthead rig. From the racing point of view this rig is modern and up-to-date and from the family sailing point of view the minimum mainsail area allows the main to be easily handled. The under cockpit floor auxiliary engine can be either diesel or petrol as the design has allowed for 400/500Ibs engine weight in this area. The Vision has been designed to rate within the 1/2 Ton I.D.R. Class Rules. Construction features the tried and proven double diagonal system which is the easiest method for the amateur builder. The craft is constructed from 2 skins or 5/16" ply or solid timber and could also be adapted for foam sandwich or end grain balsa using the same fullsize plans.

The plan includes fullsize frames, transom and stem, detailed construction drawings, interior layout, sail plan, rigging plan, rudder construction etc. Bilge Keel version included with plan.

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