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Cobber 3.5m

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LOA: 11'9" 3.580m
Beam: 5'4" 1.625m
Draught: 4" 100mm
Hull weight: 70kg
Plywood: 6x1 50 ft (152x25 - 15m), 12mm 3 sheets; 9mm 4 sheets
Glue: 1 litre resorcinal
Nails: 1 x12 1/2kg bronze holdfast
Screws: 1 x 8 200; 11/2 x 10 100; 3/4 x 8 200

The COBBER has been designed as a tender or knockabout power dinghy for sheltered waters. This craft is cheap and easy to build and is ideal for engines 5 h.p. to 15 h.p. This craft has been designed for shallow water operation with a draught of 70mm with the motor up.

The plan calls for 76mm foam buoyancy under all the seats which means the craft is unsinkable in the event of swamping. This craft is easily trailered on a flat luggage trailer or will fit easily into the back of a utility.

The system for building the craft is exceptionally simple. It is built on its bottom which is cut from 12mm with transverse frames which are just erected on the bottom, along with the stem and transom. The plywood sides are then fitted around the outer side of the frame work. Estimated building time is 32 hours excluding painting.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, plus detailed construction drawings, material list and written instructions.

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