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Buddy 4.5m

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$ 130.00
LOA: 15ft 4.572m
Beam: 6ft 1.828m
Draught: 41/2" 114mm
Hull weight: 195lbs 88kg
Timber: 6x1 80 ft (152x25 - 24m)
Plywood: 9mm 4 sheets, 12mm 3 sheets

The BUDDY is ideal for the budget boatbuilder who just wants to get out on the water and do a bit of fishing, run out a net etc. This dory design, although suitable for rough water operation, comes into its own in shallow tidal harbours because of its minimal draught. This hull can be rowed in 140mm of water and is easily pulled over mud flats as its flat bottom offers little resistance to sliding. The bottom of the Buddy has been kept narrow to ensure that the craft is easily driven by moderate to small size outboards. This craft is designed for engines 6h.p. to 25 h.p. and a 15 h.p. outboard should give good planing speeds with two up. The Buddy has a generous layout in the sides to ensure that it is sea kindly in rough water with plenty of reserve buoyancy and good stability. The plan shows 4" (100mm) foam buoyancy under all the seats to ensure that in the event of swamping the vessel just cannot sink. If the craft is to be trailered it just sits on a simple flat trailer such as a luggage trailer with the motor stored internally.

The building system is extremely simple with the craft built on its own bottom which is cut from 12mm plywood and the simple transverse frames are just erected on the bottom along with the stem and transom and the plywood sides then fitted around the outside of the framework. Estimated building time is 38 hours excluding painting.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, plus detailed construction drawings, material list and written instructions.

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