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Partner 7.9m

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LOA: 26'0" 7.9m
Beam: 8'1" 2.463m
Draught: 5" 127m
Hull weight: 2154lbs 977kgs
Timber: 6 x1 200 ft (152x25 - 60m), 3 x 3/4 320ft (76 x 19 - 96m)
Plywood: 18mm 6 sheets, 12mm 15 sheets, 9mm 8 sheets

The PARTNER 7.9m is the largest in our range of power dories. This craft has been designed for fishing, cruising etc., especially in shoal draught areas such as estuaries, tidal harbours etc. However, the hull form is ideal for rough water use with the generously flared sides. The narrow bottom means it is an easily driven hull capable of being used comfortably in choppy conditions. These flat bottom craft are good load carriers, stable and make ideal work boats or pleasure craft. Recommended engines are from 40 to 100 h.p. and twins or single can be used, i.e. two 20h.p. motors or two 50h.p. motors. We would rate this craft at 100 h.p. maximum which should give a top speed in the vicinity of 30 m.ph.

The construction is simple sheet plywood over timber frames with the cabin structure being sheet plywood with glass windows for ease of construction and lack of maintenance. Materials can be treated construction plywood, Macrocarpa or similar for the solid timber or higher quality materials can be used if desired. We would recommend that the craft be glued together using either resorcinal or epoxy glue and at least the bottom sheathed to the waterline with fibreglass for minimum maintenance. The interior consists of 2 bunks, galley space and toilet compartment and a large cockpit which can be covered with a canopy if desired. The cabin design has been incorporated into this plan to keep the windage to a minimum because of the very shallow draught which would be approximately 6" (152mm) loaded. This type of craft is not suited to high structures such as flying bridges or similar as windage and weight are critical to a shoal draught craft.

The plan consists of FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom, drawings of hull construction, cabin etc., plus written instructions.

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