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Mascot 7.39m

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LOA: 24'3" 7.39m
Beam: 8'0" 2.44m
Draught: 2'71/2" 0.80m
Freeboard forward: 31 0" 1.17m
Freeboard aft: 2'7" 0.79m
Headroom: 6'0" 1.8m
Plywood: 8x4x1/4' (6.5mm) 21 sheets, 8x4x3/8" (9.00mm) 14 sheets, 8x4x1/2 (12mm) 5 sheets
Timber: 500 super ft.
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The MASCOT has been designed as a displacement launch and is easily driven by relatively small engines. An 18 h.p. diesel engine will give a top speed of 11.5 knots and a cruising speed of 9110 knots. Fuel consumption would be 3 litres per hour at full throttle and cruise at 11/2/2 litres per hour. The craft features a large fully protective deadwood so that it can be operated in shoal draught conditions with complete safety. The long keel also makes the craft easily launched and re­trieved from a trailer. The MASCOT is constructed from sheet plywood over conventional sawn frames and stringers and the flare is laminated from 2 skins of plywood cut into strips. The interior layout consists of two bunks forward, galley to port, two bunks aft with room for a toilet. This type of craft is extremely seaworthy and can handle rough condi­tions with ease. The large deadwood prevents broaching in following seas and the high bow and fine entrance give ex­ceptional sea keeping abilities in head wind conditions. A small steadying sail can be fitted if desired and it has been found that these do halve the fuel con­sumption even in a moderate breeze.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PAT­TERNS of the frames, stem, etc., plus detailed construction drawings, setting up procedure, cabin construction etc.

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