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Beachcomber 5.6m

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LOA: 18'6" 5.64m
Beam: 7'6" 2.29m
Draught: 1'10" 0.56m
Freeboard forward: 3'0" 0.91m
Freeboard aft: 2'0" 0.61m
Headroom: 5'8" 1.73m
Plywood: 8x4x3/8 (9mm) 10 sheets, 8x4x114 (6.5mm) 22 sheets, 8x4x5/Th (7.0mm) 6 sheets
Timber: 300 super ft.
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The BEACHCOMBER has been de­signed as a displacement launch for small inboard engines and could carry a small steadying sail if desired. A 10 h.p. motor either diesel or petrol will give a top speed of about 8 knots and a 15 h.p. motor diesel or petrol a top speed of 10 knots. The craft cruises easily at 8 knots making little wake and is extremely dry, stable and sea kindly. A 10 h.p. diesel would cruise at 7 knots burning approxi­mately 2 litres per hour of fuel. The inte­rior consists of two bunks, galley with plenty of room to move around while still leaving a large roomy self-draining cock­pit area. The craft is constructed from 2 skins of 1/4" plywood on the bottom with 3/8" sides. The flare is laminated from 2 skins of 3/16" cut into 6" strips. The BEACHCOMBER is an ideal craft for fishing, family cruising etc and it is ex­tremely economical to run. The full pro­tective deadwood means that the craft is easily launched and retrieved from a trailer and it is safe to operate in shoal areas because the propeller and rudder are fully protected.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem, rims and transom plus detailed drawings of hull construction, setting up, cabin construction etc.

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