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Snowbird 32ft

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LOA: 32'0"
Beam: 15'6"
Freeboard fwd: 4'0"
Freeboard aft: 2'10"
Draught: 12"
Cockpit size: 5ft long 12ft wide
Height of mast: 44ft
Length of boom: 13'3"
Beam of each hull: 3'7" max. at gunwales
Weight: 2400lbs
Headroom hulls: Bridge 6ft Deck 57"
Bridge deck clearance: 1'6" minimum
Sail area: 482 sq.ft
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The SNOWBIRD, a 32ft cruising catamaran has accommodation for 6 people and is an ideal craft for family cruising. This craft has sufficient buoyancy for a small auxilary motor either diesel or petrol. An 18 h.p. Wankel gives a cruising speed of 7 knots and a maximum speed of 9 knots. Although designed as a family cruiser the Snowbird has proved a winner in many N.Z. multihull races. With a sail area of 482 sq.ft speeds of up to 15 knots reaching are easily obtained and 7 or 8 knots on the wind are quite common. The Snowbird has full standing headroom in the hatches and 4'6" headroom on the bridge deck. However, a large sliding hatch can be fitted in the cabin top to increase headroom if required. The toilet and galley are situated in the hulls which gives full headroom in these areas. The Snowbird is constructed from sheet plywood and the latest techniques of hull construction are used with various areas being reinforced with fibreglass chopped strand mat and fibreglassing resin to ensure a strong watertight hull which is easily constructed by the amateur. This craft also lends itself to foam sandwich and end grain balsa construction.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames plus drawings of setting up procedure, bridge deck construction, decks, cabin etc.

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