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Cherry 4.864m

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LOA: 16'0" 4.864m
Beam: 7'2" 2.178m
Weight: Hull 240Ibs - complete 4851bs
Sail area:
Main - 76 sq.ft.,
Jib - 40 sq.ft.,
Spinnaker - 82 sq.ft
Plywood: 13 sheets 6mm; 1 sheet 9mm
Timber: 20 super ft. solid timber
Resin & tape: 90m 60oz 50mm fibreglass tape, 4 litres resin and 2 litres hardener
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The CHERRY is a light weight trailer yacht designed to be built with the minimum of experience and tools. The construction requires no building jig. The sheet plywood for the hull is simply cut to the patterns supplied and the bottom and sides scarfed together to form full length panels. The plywood panels are then laced together with 36kg monofilament fishing line and all the joins glass taped with two layers of 6oz fibreglass tape and epoxy resin bonded. The c/b is constructed from 9mm steel and is of a pivotting type which can be fully retracted when sailing flat off the wind or adjusted to any angle when reaching or sailing to windward. The Cherry has a fairly fine entry and flattens out to a wide planing section aft and the large cockpit approx 2.44m allows the weight of the crew to be kept amidships when sailing. Because of the light weight the rig has been kept relatively small but the sail area to weight is comparable with most other craft of its type. The sail plan calls for a tapered aluminium mast to get the most out of the small rig.

The layout consists of 2 bunks forward plus 2 quarter berths tucked under the cockpit seats. The Cherry has a self draining cockpit. The craft is easily trailed and requires only an extended luggage trailer or a simple trailer with 2 cradles fitted to the hull and a winch to haul it back on to the trailer.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS for all the major hull components plus detailed drawings of construction method plus written instructions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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