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Fantail 7.9m

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$ 495.00
LOA: 7.924m
Beam: 2.148m
Draught: 1371mm
Keel up: 508mm
Displacement: 816kgs
Weight: 509kgs
Ballast keel: 231kgs
Sail area: 24.90m
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The FANTAIL 7.9m has been designed as a high performance round bilge day sailer. However, there are two bunks under the foredeck for limited cruising. This combined with a boom tent would make the craft suitable for overnight use. The retractable keel makes the craft easily trailed and the hull shape means that the vessel is very easily driven. The fine keel means that the craft is going to give fast, nimble handling with enough lead to ensure that the craft is positively self-righting. The sail plan with two sets of slab reef points means that the sail area can be reduced down for fresh to strong conditions and it is recommended that the craft be sailed without excessive angles of heel for maximum performance. The craft is ideal for a crew of 2 to 3. However, it could easily be sailed single handed if desired.

The construction is Cedar core 12mm in thickness overlaid with 2 laminations of 6oz fibreglass cloth inside and out. This means simple construction. The keel is 44mm thick wood overlaid with 3 laminations of 6oz fibreglass cloth and supporting a 226kg lead keel bulb. The keel is retracted up with a bronze winch to reduce the draught to 508mm. However, the sailing draught is approx. 1.3m The keel case is constructed from fibreglass and epoxy resin and is bonded to the hull and reinforced with a web bulkhead across the craft. The craft features a deep roomy cockpit with plenty of space for 2 to 3 adults and there are bunks for 2 people under the foredeck. The craft can be used for day sailing or limited overnight cruising.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom, detailed drawings on construction, sail plan etc. plus written instructions.

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