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Stillwater 3.682m

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$ 160.00
LOA: 12'1" 3.682m
Beam: 3'11" 1.205m
Weight: 140Ibs 63kgs
Timber: 10 x1 85 ft
Plywood: 6mm 4 sheets, 3mm 1 sheet

The STILLWATER is a traditional style rowing dinghy incorporating modern materials but still maintaining a traditional appearance. Although the craft is constructed on the multi-chine principle, externally it appears to be of clinker or lapstrake construction. This ensures an exceptionally strong hull as the strake lands are reinforced internally with small chine battens. The vessel is constructed over sawn frames which are cut from solid timber reinforced with plywood gussets. The stem is also cut from solid timber with fullsize templates provided for all hull components. The craft can be lengthened to an overall length of 16ft (4.8m) if desired by simply respacing the framework. Also included with the plans are specially designed oars for this particular craft. The oars have been designed to have minimum weight out board and maximum weight in board for ease of rowing and with the oars designed for the vessel the rowing effort required is particularly low. This craft can easily maintain a rowing speed of 4 knots in the 3.6m version and this is proven performance by the original craft. The hull form features a very fine bow and stern which creates minimum wake. The detailed plans and written instructions are ideal for the amateur builder as the building procedure is extremely simple and straight forward and has proven an ideal woodworking project. This hull is exceptionally sea worthy and is only suitable for rowing.

The plans include FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stern and transom with detailed drawings on hull construction, oars design and interior finishing etc. plus step by step written instructions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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