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Gemini Dinghy

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$ 90.00
LOA: 7'3" 2.209m
Beam: 4'0" 1.219m
Weight: Approx l8kgs

LOA: 8'3" 2.514m
Beam: 4'6" 1.371m
Weight: Approx 20kgs

L.O.A: 9'0" 2.743m
Beam: 5'0" 1.524M
Weight: Approx 35kgs
Plan Size

The GEMINI range of dinghies have been designed as light weight stem dinghies ideal for a car top, boat tender, fishing, shooting, netting etc. as well as fun sailing dinghy. The construction although strong is extremely light with full built in buoyancy for maximum safety. The Gemini is an ideal craft to build to gain experience in simple boat building techniques and is light weight and easily handled by one person. There is little skill required and the craft is completely templated including knees, seats and all hull components so that construction is extremely simple. The Gemini is constructed on the stitch and glass principle and the plywood is simply cut from the fullsize templates supplied, laced together along the joins with monofilament fishing line and then fibreglass taped with two layers of 6oz fibreglass tape inside and out. The Gemini range of dinghies are available in the following sizes 7'3"- 8'3" - 9'0".

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of all hull components plus detailed drawings of construction method with step by step drawing taking you right through the building procedure

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