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Magic 5.7m

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$ 300.00
LOA: 19'0" 5.7m
Beam: 7'9" 1.8m
Draught: 11" 279mm
Freeboard forward: 2'8" 812mm
Freeboard aft: 1'11" 533mm
Weight ex machinery: 600lbs
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The MAGIC has been designed as an easily driven, safe, general purpose craft designed specifically for small outboard power from 10 h.p. to 50 h.p. The craft performs extremely well with an ordinary 25 h.p. outboard and this gives a top speed of around 24 m.p.h. in light trim and is still capable of planing well with 6 people aboard.

The Magic can be rowed and has a small sail for cross wind and down wind. When sailing the craft is steered with an oar and can also be rowed which makes it ideal as a fishing craft or diving tender and with the self-draining cockpit she can be safely taken out through surf conditions without fear of sinking.

The Magic is built over temporary frames which can be made from pine and is constructed on the girder principle with fullsize templates of the frames, stem, rims, transom and bottom stringer which form the fore and aft girders. The craft is skinned up in 9mm plywood on the bottom and 6mm on the sides and has proved easily constructed by amateur builders. The materials required are: Plywood 6mm 3 sheets; 9mm 5 sheets; 12mm 1 sheet. 50 metres 300 x 22mm timber.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames, stem, rims, transom and bottom stringers plus detailed working draw­ings. For price of plan see attached price list.

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