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Topaz 7.924m

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LOA: 26ft 7.924m
Beam: 8'2" 2.489m
Draught: 1'12" 355mm
Freeboard forward: 3'4" 1.016m
Freeboard aft: 2'8" 812mm
Headroom: 6'2" 1.879m
Weight ex engines: 1850lbs 838kgs
Plywood: 1 sheet 12mm, 16 sheets 9mm, 20 sheets 6mm, 4 sheets 4mm
Timber: 400 super ft 21 x 1
Glue: Aerolite 4 gallons
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The TOPAZ is a 7.924m planing hull designed as a maxi trailer craft or it is also suitable for mooring. The craft has been designed for twin outboards. However, it can also be powered with I/O or jet propulsion if desired. The hull has been designed to be easily driven yet stable and has suffi­cient deadrise to give a soft ride in head sea conditions. The hull shape is deep vee forward, blending aft into our proven gullwing stern section for good stability and excellent handling especially in following sea conditions. The cabin style reduces windage, and allows the craft to be driven quickly into head winds without sacrificing economy. The craft is constructed over sawn frames at 3ft (914mm) centres. The frames are approximately 4 x 7/8" or 100 x 22mm. These are overlaid with heavy fore and aft string­ers. The bottom is skinned with 2 layers of 1/4" or 6mm plywood and the sides 3/8"or 9mm with the flare bow constructed from 2 skins or 3/16"or 4mm. The transom is plywood 1/2" thick (12mm) reinforced internally with solid timber to take the outboard well. The cabin sides are from 6mm ply and deck and cabin top 9mm. A special feature of the Topaz plan from 6mm ply and deck and removeable doors at the after end which enable the craft to be locked up. These doors can be slid out on a partial bulkhead and stowed separately on the cabin top if desired which then opens the craft right out to a more open layout. The beam of 8'2" gives a very generous internal width and makes the main cabin ex­tremely roomy. The craft can be powered with twin outboards 35 h.p. to 70 h.p. Twin 40 h.p. Mariners gives a top speed of 28 knots or 32.6 mph and a cruising speed of up to 25 knots or 30 mph. With the twin 40 h.p. Mariners, the Topaz in cruising trim does 5 m.p.g. Normal fuel carried is 20 gallons which gives a 100 mile range. The craft can also be powered with I/O and a V6 Volvo Penta 170 h.p. with the 280B outdrive does 32 m.p.h. maximum and cruises at 24 mph with a fuel consumption at cruis­ing speed of 6 gph.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames, stem etc. plus detailed working drawings and written instructions. The plan is in metric & imperial.

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