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Redhead 10.36m

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LOA: 34ft 10.36m
LWL: 26'6" 8.08m
Beam: 11'4" 3.45m
Freeboard fwd: 4'3" 1292
Freeboard aft: 3'3" 912mm
Draught: 5'6" 1.68m
Height of mast: 45'6" 13.87m
Headroom: 6'1" 1.85m throughout
Displacement: 14,500 lbs
Mainsail: 23.6 sq. m 254 sq. ft
Approximately 6.5 tonnes mainly 3mm s teel plate skin, deck and cabin; 4.5mm plate keel; plus assorted bar and angle. Detailed list on plan.
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The REDHEAD is a multi-chine steel sloop designed specifically for ocean cruising. This is a very strong and able sea boat and has proved itself well in many ocean crossings. The craft has proved an ideal coastal cruiser as well because of its speed. The prototype has averaged 11 knots for the period of one hour which is well above its expected performance. The large beam combined with fine ends makes the craft stable yet easily driven and it handles rough conditions exceptionally well without sacrificing light to moderate performance.

There is a large amount of room below decks for a craft of this length with full headroom throughout the floor area, extremely large quarter berths and plenty of storage. The engine has been offset to give maximum protection to the propeller. This makes engine installation extremely simple and a motor of 20 h.p. such as the normal twin cylinder diesel used in these craft gives a top speed of 8 knots. The craft is constructed from 3mm plate over a framework which is mainly 75 x 5 bar with an internal flat web of 50 x 6. The frames are nearly all at 3ft (914mm) centres and are overlaid with angle stringers of 32 x 32 x 4 (11/4 x 3/16). The hull is constructed upside down on a simple building jig and pivoting points are shown on the plan with lifting gear which allows the craft to be lifted between two cranes or chain blocks and allows the craft to be easily turned over for both sandblasting, welding etc. when completed. The Redhead features a long keel for maximum directional stability and the rudder is hung on the aft end of the keel for strength and simplicity of construction. The Redhead can be cutter rigged if desired and an inner forestay position is shown on the study print for those who require this set up.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of all the frames, stem and transom and rudder plus detailed drawings of setting up the hull, general construction and building technique, plus written instructions.

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