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Magpie 3m

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$ 155.00
LOA: 11'0" 3.352m
Beam: 5'71/2" 1.713m
Hull weight: 54kg
Sail area:
Main - 10.31
Jib - 2.05
Plywood: 9mm 1 sheet; 6mm 5 sheets, 3mm 1 sheet.
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The MAGPIE has been designed for family sailing. This is a safe beamy craft with plenty of built in buoyancy in the U shape seat which runs from the bow right down the sides. This gives a nice seated height for sailing as well as giving good positive buoyancy. This craft is suitable for two adults or an adult and two children.

The rig has been designed to be easily managed even in moderate to fresh conditions and with the addition of a slab reef in the mainsail this makes the craft capable of being sailed in extremely strong conditions. The hull shape with its built in buoyancy ensures a good stable craft with plenty of reserve buoyancy for the roughest of conditions.

The craft is skinned in 6mm plywood which gives a robust construction and is built over temporary frames which give the craft a nice clean interior free from any obstructions. This craft will take a small outboard of 21/2 h.p. It would be necessary however to use the c/b and rudder for steering.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom, detailed drawings on construction as well as written instructions.


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