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Limerick 5m

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LOA: 16'6" 5m
Beam: 8'0" 2438mm
Draught: 18" 457mm
Displacement: 20001bs 907kgs
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The LIMERICK has been designed to be an interesting, if different, trailer yacht. With a weight of approximately 1000Ibs without the water ballast and 1950Ibs when water ballasted, the hull will be exceptionally stiff with the 2438mm beam and fine ends giving an easily driven yet very stable craft. The design has many of the features of a Mullet boat combined with an American Sandbagger design and is slightly finer in the ends than the Mullet boat with more beam and a high bilge with plenty of deadrise. Midships deadrise is 20 deg.

The hull construction is modern being Cedar strip planked and fibreglassed inside and out with two transverse bulkheads and two fore and aft bulkheads alongside the cockpit to make the craft completely unsinkable, while the under floor area in the middle of the craft is used as a 950 lbs ballast tank. The ballast tank is easily filled through a 76mm valve which is fitted through the keel of the craft.

The craft has a generous rig in line with the tremendous stability of this type of vessel. However, there are two reef points shown on the mainsail to allow the rig to be adjusted for moderate to fresh conditions and still keep the craft in place. The craft has been designed for day sailing for two people.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom, detailed working drawings, sail plan etc., plus written instructions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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