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Fantail 4m

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LOA: 14'0" 4267mm
LWL: 13'9" 4165mm
Beam: 6'8" 2032mm
Draught: 4'1" 1244mm
Keel up: 1'3" 381mm
Displacement: 1100lbs 498kgs
Ballast: 300Ibs 136kgs
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The FANTAIL 4m has been designed as a high performance, easily sailed, trailerable yacht. These day sailers are round bilge design featuring a very beamy hull with a lot of layout in the topsides and a relatively narrow low wetted surface bottom which with the lead ballasted centreboard ensures an exceptionally stable, high performance, easily driven hull.

The modest rig which combined with a lot wetted surface, ensures that the craft is easily handled in a wide range of wind speeds. The cockpit is fully self draining and the ballasted centreboard  is locked down so that the 1244mm sailing draught ensures that the ballasted keel can bring the craft back if it is knocked down while sailing.

The FANTAIL is built on the Cedar strip plank method over temporary frames, glassed inside and out. We have found this construction to be exceptionally simple for amateur builders giving a professional appearance when completed. The watertight nature of the hull makes it exceptionally safe and there is storage under the foredeck for gear etc. The 4m Fantail weighs 317kgs and this makes it easily trailed by small cars. Small outboards can be used for auxiliary power and I would recommend a motor of 3 h.p.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the temporary frames, stem and transom as well as detailed drawings on hull construction, sail plan and rigging plus written instructions.

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