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Caribou 6m

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Ply or Foam Sandwich Glass Construction
LOA: 20'0" 6m
Beam: 7'11 1/4"
Centreboard up to - 13"
Centreboard down - 4'10"
Freeboard forward: 2'10"
Freeboard aft: 2'1 12"
Height of mast from cabin top: 259"
Sail dimensions:
Mainsail: Luff - 23'6", Foot - 8'6", Leech - 24'8"
No.1 Genoa: Foot - 13'0, Luff - 26'6", Leech - 24'6"
No.2 Genoa: Foot - 10'0", Luff - 26'6", Leech - 24'3"
Headroom: 4'8"
Displacement: 1500lbs
Timber: 300 super ft.
Plywood: 8 x 4 x 3/16" 22 sheets 8 x 4 x 1/4" 4 sheets, 8 x 4 x 3/8" 6 sheets 8 x 4 x 1/2" 1 sheet
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The CARIBOU 20ft is a round bilge semi planing hull form designed to give good stability while still being easily driven and sea kindly. This hull features full after sections to withstand the weight of crew in the cockpit and is a development of our popular 17ft. Caribou trailer yacht. The 20ft Caribou has double the internal volume of the 17 footer and with nearly 8ft. beam a very large roomy interior makes this craft ideal for limited Coastal cruising and Lake sailing with a family of up to 6. There are two 6ft bunks forward in the fore cabin, a folding double bunk to port in the main cabin with galley and sink to starboard and there are two full 6ft. quarter berths in the cockpit. The centreboard is constructed from 1/2" steel plate and galvanised to prevent corrosion. Part of the centre case is hidden under the cockpit floor while the rest of the case is exposed in the cabin. However, this is incorporated into the dinette so there is virtually no inconvenience caused by the case.

The 20ft. Caribou has the same basic rig as the 17 footer as this masthead rig has poven highly efficient and easy to keep a good tight forestay for windward performance. The wooden version of this craft is constructed over frames which can be from Pine or similar cheap material. These are overlaid with the permanent stringers which are temporarily fastened to the frames. The keel and stem are constructed from permanent timber as are the stringers and overlaid with two skins of 3/16" plywood cut into 6" strips on the double diagonal. This eliminates any necessity for joining the plywood on the chines and has proved a quick and simple method of construction. FOAM SANDWICH. The fullsize frame patterns used for the timber construction are also used for the foam sandwich construction and the same basic building jig is set up with the same frames as for the plywood hull. The foam is then overlaid on the frame work and fibreglassed. Full details of this are given with the plan.


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