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South Pacific 55ft

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LOA: 55'6" 16.916m
LWL: 50'6" 15.392m
Beam: 16'2" 4.914m
Draught: 5'4" 1.625m single screw, 4'2" 1.270m twin screw
Freeboard fwd: 7'3" 2.209m
Freeboard aft: 5'0" 1.524m
Headroom: 6'6" throughout
Displacement: 68,147 lbs 30.422 tonnes
Displacement speed: 11.3 knots
Steel: 16 tonnes approx. skin 4mm - decks, etc. 3mm
Engine size recommended: Single 340-500 h.p, Twins 200-350 h.p. each
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The SOUTH PACIFIC has been designed to extend our range of steel launches and is a larger version of the 40ft Windward, the extra length enables a more streamlined appearance to the craft. The hull is constructed from 3/16 steel plate over frames at 3ft stations. There are 2 bulkheads forard and a total of four bulkheads in the craft which are made from 3mm (1/8") steel plate. The decks and cabin are from 3mm plate. The craft is designed to be constructed upside down and lifting positions and turning tackle are shown on the plan for ease of rotation. However, the craft could be built right side up if desired. The plans are for either single screw or twin screw application and the craft features-a large Walk in engine room accessible through the double berth cabin under the wheelhouse floor via a door in the bulkhead. There is also an engine removal hatch through the saloon floor and another hatch in the cabin top to allow easy removal and installation of the engine/engines. For single installation we recommend motors from 340 to 500 h.p. on either 2 or 3 to 1 reduction. The aperture gives sufficient room for a 36" dia. propellor for single installation and for twin engines 28" dia. propellors are recommended.

The interior layout consists of a 4 berth forard cabin with toilet and shower immediately after this and underneath the wheelhouse floor a 2 berth cabin with 6ft headroom with its own toilet and shower, vanity and adequate locker space. The wheelhouse is large and roomy and has chart table etc. handy to the helmsman's position. The craft has an extremely large saloon behind the wheelhouse which is 12ft fore and aft and 11'6" wide. This area also houses the galley and dinette which are kept adjacent for ease of meal serving. Aft there is a roomy double cabin 9 x 11'6". The cabin could easily be extended further aft if more accommodation is required. However, we have left a fairly large after deck for fishing and as a sun bathing area. Also the upper deck area features an extremely large U shaped settee with a double settee in the middle over the engine hatch. The engine exhausts are routed up through the mast. The mast is in the form of an A frame for maximum rigidity and the exhausts come up boxes each side of the cabin doorway. The displacement speed of this craft is 11.3 knots. With larger engines higher speeds could be obtained but our estimate is 11.3 knots at 300 s.h.p.; 8 knots at 180 s.h.p. and at this speed the craft would be doing approx. 1.1 m.p.g. There is sufficient room both in the engine room and aft under the cabin floors for large quantities of fuel. Up to 2,000 gals could easily be carried if desired for offshore or ocean crossings. The craft requires approx. 16 tonnes of steel for the construction and this is in a mixture of 4mm and 3 mm plate for the skin, decks, cabin etc. plus an assortment of bar, angle etc. for frames, stringers, engine beds, keel sole and various components.

The plan includes lines drawing with table of offsets (metric & imperial) for the hull, construction drawings for the hull, decks and cabin, general interior layout, engine layout for both single and twin engines, fuel tanks, water tanks, stern tube drawings with propeller shaft lengths etc. engine bed details etc.

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