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Harvester 32ft

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LOA: 32ft 9.7m
Registered length: 29'11"
Beam: 11'1" 3.3m
Draught: 3'9" 1.1m
Freeboard fwd: 6ft 1.8m
Fresh Water: 150 gallons
Fuel Capacity: 300 gallons
Displacement:7 tonnes

The 32ft HARVESTER has been designed to suit engines up to 200 s.h.p. A 100 s.h.p. diesel such as a Fordson on 21/2 to 1 reduction would give a top speed of 10.5 knots and a cruising speed of 9.5 knots. A 180 h.p. ford on 21/2 to 1 reduction would give a top speed of approximately 14 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. The Harvester is a semi-displacement, semi-planing hull form and has been designed to be easily driven and sea kindly. The high freeboard forward ensures dry decks and this craft is ideal for gill netting, purse seining, scollop dredging, long lining etc. This craft has a hold capacity of 3 tonnes. The accommodation consists of a fore cabin with room for two bunks and a toilet and an ample wheelhouse which has room for a table with small galley. The craft is constructed completely of sheet steel with no rolling or forming required at all. The hull is plated in 3/18" and the decks and cabin in 1/8" plate. This is over frames and fore and aft stringers. There is approximately 5 tonnes of steel required to build this craft. All frame sections are lofted fullsize for ease of construction and the craft is built upside down on a simple building jig. Pivotting points are shown on the plan for ease of turning over, sand blasting and welding. The hull takes approximately 400 hours to construct (excluding sand blasting and painting) and the decks, cabin, hatches etc. another 600 hours.

The plan includes FULSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames and stem, plus detailed drawings on hull construction, general building method, setting up, plumbing arrangement, shaft, rudder etc. The plan is drawn to comply with Marine Department survey requirements.

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