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Spray 10.363m

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LOA: 34'0" 10.363m
Beam: 11'0" 3.352m
LWL: 29'1" 8.864m
Draught: 3'0" 914m
Displacement: 19,800lbs 8981kgs
Ballast: 6,000Ibs
Freeboard forward: 4'3" 1,295m
Freeboard aft: 3'4" 1.016m
Cockpit size: 7'6" x 8' x 9" 2.28m x 2.667m
Headroom throughout: 6'2" 1.879m
Mast height: 37'6" 11.429m
Sail area:
Mainsail 275sq.ft
Jib 148sq.ft
Staysail 132sq.ft
Mizzen 88.8sq.ft
Topsail 91.8sq.ft
Timber: 900 super ft.
Plywood: 2 sheets 19mm; 12 sheets 12mm; 52 sheets 9mm; 18 sheets 6mm
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The SPRAY is a coastal and offshore cruiser and the underwater shape makes it very easily driven. This allows it to have excellent on wind performance as well as being extremely fast reaching and down wind. The centreboard configuration is ideal for reaching and down wind as the board can be retracted and this takes a lot of weight off the helm and makes the craft easily handled in these conditions. The centreboard is constructed from 25mm steel plate and is a rectangular board 5'9" x 3'0". This is pivotted on a pin at the forard end of the case and the board is raised and lowered via a wire attached to the trailing edge of the board up to a winch mounted on the top of the case. There is also a keel version included with the plan.

The construction is two skins of 9mm plywood applied over fore and aft battens. There are four chines per side and the frames are cut from solid timber. The stem is laminated from 4 laminations of 22mm timber.

The Spray has been designed to give a very traditional appearance and has a 10 berth layout, but this can be altered round by the builder. The auxiliary engine is mounted under the forward end of the cockpit and there is sufficient room for motors up to 50 h.p. The average power for this vessel would be a 20 h.p. diesel which will give a maximum speed of 7.5 knots and a cruising speed of 6.8 knots. The Spray is gaff/ketch rigged but can alternatively be marconi/ketch rigged if desired. The Spray is internally ballasted and the craft should always be trimmed to its designed waterline.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames, stem and transom plus detailed drawings on hull construction, decks, cabin etc. The plan is in metric and imperial.

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