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Keeper 6m

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$ 270.00
LOA: 20' 6.096m
Beam: 7'7" 2.311m
Draught: 5" 127m
Hull weight: 800Ibs 380kgs
Timber: 6 x1 150 ft (152x25 - 45m)
Plywood: 9mm 11 sheets, 12mm 6 sheets

The KEEPER is a 6m dory designed for general purpose use with a small shelter cabin. It would be possible to lay a lylo or squabs on the floor in the cabin for sleeping purposes if desired. This craft is suited to shoal draught operation as well as being an excellent sea boat for rough water use. The craft is easily constructed from cheap Pine construction plywood and Pine or Macrocarpa or similar timber. Where treated plywood is used it is necessary to use resorcinal glue and this gives a good long lasting but cheap craft. The hull form ensures that the craft gives a good ride in rough water conditions with excellent stability at rest for fishing etc. Speeds up to 35 m.p.h. can be expected from twin 40 h.p. outboards with the same performance from a single 80 h.p.

The construction is extremely simple with the bottom of the craft being 12mm plywood and all the rest of the vessel 9mm. The craft requires no building jig and it is simply built on its own bottom which is in all probability the simplest form of construction for any vessel. However, the construction is robust and this craft would give many years of serviceable use especially if made out of treated timber and plywood. Estimated building time would be approximately 120 hours.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom plus detailed drawings on construction, setting up etc., and written instructions.

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