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Vendetta 7.9m

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LOA Outboard: 7.942m (26')
Beam:  2.438m (8')
Draught: 457mm (1'6")
Deadrise: 22°
Screen to Keel: 1.930m (6'4")
Timber: 100 super
Plywood: 4 sheets 12mm, 28 sheets 9mm, 18 sheets 6mm, 1 sheet 25mm
Chipboard: 6 sheets 19mm
Epoxy: 50 litres
1oz chopped strand mat 8m, 18oz woven rovings 25m
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The VENDETTA 7.9m has been designed as a high speed craft capable of speeds in the 50/60 knot range. This is a deep vee design featuring an enlarged centre keel to form a centreline lift­ing strake and two lifting strakes each side to minimise wetted surface at speed and keep the fore and aft trim to an ideal angle of attack. The design suits either inboard/outboard or outboard propulsion with motors 200 h.p. up. A 275 h.p. V8 outboard gives a top speed of 58/60 m.p.h. and a cruising speed of 50 m.p.h. The Vendetta is constructed over 4 plywood girders running fore and aft through the hull. These girders form fuel tank recepta­cles as well as supporting the main floors throughout the vessel and are also used as engine beds aft for I/O drives. The transom is heavily constructed from a timber/plywood laminate to with­stand the stress of large outboards and I/Os. The bottom is skinned with 2 layers of 9mm ply reinforced internally with 18oz fibreglass woven rovings and externally with fibreglass cloth as well as the lifting strakes and the centre keel strake. The top­sides are laminated from 2 skins of 6mm ply.

The interior layout consists of two yea bunks in the bow with either shower and toilet combined or separate shower and toilet. The style of the Vendetta has been specifically designed to give minimum windage so that the craft can maintain high speeds in even rough conditions. The craft is easily trailed and weighs approx 1 1/4 tonne with a 275 h.p. V8 outboard.


The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the temporary frames, bulkheads, stem, transom and fore and aft girders plus full work­ing drawings and written instructions.

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