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Target 5.1m

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LOA:  6.248m (20'6")
Hull Length: 5.053m (16'7")
Beam:  1.981m (6'6")
Draught: 330mm (13")
Displacement: 1935lbs
Hull Weight: 636lbs
Materials (Cabin)
Plywood: 1 sheet 18mm, 4 sheets 12mm, 7 sheets 9mm, 13 sheets 6mm, 3 sheets 4mm
Timber: 250 x 25 - 60m
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The TARGET has been designed as a high speed runabout cabin cruiser using girder construction with a plywood skin and a glass interior laminate reinforcing the bottom of the craft coupled with a plywood floor glassed into place. The hull shape is deep vee with a centreline keel strake and two lifting strake each side on the bottom. The hull has a deadrise at the stern of 20' excluding the strakes and this shape carries through to almost amidships with little change. The craft is constructed over temporary frames which can be cut from chipboard or similar material and the gird­ers , chines, keel and gunwales slotted into place. This gives a quick, exceptionally strong construction and the Target hull is capable of taking engines up to 225 h.p. with no structural prob­lems providing that the craft is built to plan. A 40 h.p. outboard will give a top speed of 34 m.p.h. cruise at 28/30 m.p.h. with 2 adults, in the cabin version. A 80 h.p. outboard a top speed of 46 m.p.h. cruise at 36/40 m.p.h. A 150 h.p. outboard a top speed of 58 m.p.h. and cruise speeds of around 45 m.p.h. Light weight I/Os could also be used if desired. The hull has been designed with an external outboard bracket, details of which are given on the plan.

There are two versions shown on the plan, one being the standard cabin version with two vee bunks in the cabin and a large cockpit and the other open version having either a forward cockpit with walk through screen as well as the main cockpit or a decked in forward end with the same size cockpit. The cabin style is our latest configuration reducing windage to the absolute minimum with an exceptionally strong deck and cabin front area coupled with an easy access centre hatch which protrudes over the anchor well allowing internal storage of the anchor and warp under the fore deck.


The plan includes FULL SIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom plus detailed drawings on hull construction, etc. plus written instructions.

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