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Tango 6.4m

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LOA Outboard: 6.4m (24')
Hull Length: 6.4m (21')
Beam:  2.362m (7'9")
Draught: 431mm (1'5")
Displacement: 2000lbs
Deadrise: 22°
Plywood: 1 sheet 18mm, 6 sheets 12mm, 6 sheets 9mm, 16 sheets 6mm, 18 sheets 4mm
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The TANGO has been designed as a robust, high performance, rough water craft capable of cruising at speeds around 50 m.p.h. The hull has an average aft deadrise of 22° and uses a centreline lifting strake to both lift the craft quickly on to a plane and give exceptional fore and aft stability. This strake is supplemented with two strakes per side on the bottom as well as a large built in spray deflector along the chines. The inner strakes have been terminated approx. 4ft from the transom to set the craft at the ideal planing attitude. The deck design has been done to mini­mise windage and to deflect water quickly off the decks.

There are two versions shown on the plan, one being a cabin version and the other a low profile version. Both versions have exactly the same internal layout as the cabin structure only in­volves raising of the fore deck and cabin area over the berths and also adding a large hatch down the centre of the fore cabin area.

The construction is over 4 fore and aft girders with double skinned ply bottom and sides with a heavy internal fibreglass laminate reinforcing the hull to the girders. This is overlaid with a plywood and glass floor which is bonded into the hull. The centre void under the cockpit floor is used for a fuel tank formed out of GRP and plywood.

Recommended single engine size is from 150 to 225 h.p. giving speeds of 40/50 knots. Twin 70 h.p. outboards will give a speed of 35 m.p.h. A 225 h.p. V8 inboard/outboard will give a top speed of approx. 45 knots and a 300 h.p. V8 inboard/outboard 52 knots. The Tango is a stylish up-to-date runabout designed for diving, fishing, coastal cruising, etc. The hull shape ensures that a com­fortable ride at reasonable speed is obtained.


The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of all the frame work as well as detailed drawings on hull construction etc. plus written instructions.

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