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Rascal (Tunnel Hull) 2.743m

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$ 95.00
LOA: 9ft
Beam: 4'6"
Weight: 55lbs

This boat has been designed to comply with NZ Mini Boat class specifications. With 25 h.p. motors and a crew weight of 140 lbs this craft can achieve speeds of 44 m.p.h. with the right propeller and engine set up. This hull is ideally suited for lightweight driv­ers as the tunnel hull design presents the minimum of wetted surface and has exceptional cornering ability. Craft built to our 'Rascal' design have won numerous races in N.Z. but it must be stressed that propeller design and lightweight are the key to high performance. It is necessary to use a cupped propeller for sur­face operation in this particular hull.

The plan features FULLSIZE patterns and building instructions.

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