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Raider 5m

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Hull length: 5m
Beam: 2133mm
Draught: 330m
Hull only aluminium: 2400 x 1200 x 3 11 sheets; 2400 x 1200 x 4 6 sheets; 76 x 12 6m; 25 x 7 11m; 38 x 8 25m
Deck and cabin: 3mm
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The RAIDER has been designed for aluminium or plywood construction with details on the plan given for both forms of construction. The RAIDER is a medium vee hull designed to give good stability at rest but with a good ride in most normal conditions. The craft features a large built-in boarding platform and external outboard mount as well as a stern door which gives access to a generous cockpit. There are four basic cabin styles shown i.e. very short fishing dodger, cuddy cabin, and a cruising version, in either raised sheer or flat sheer style as well as an open runabout version which can be either bow rider or conventional foredeck version. The design of this craft has been done to give flexibility of design with good load carrying ability to accept all the above options.

The aluminium construction is of 4mm bottom, 3mm topsides, deck, cabin, under floor girders, floor etc. The craft is built over temporary frames which are cut from chipboard and set up on a simple building jig for ease of construction for either the amateur or professional builder. The plywood version is built on the same building jig with basically the same chipboard frames other than the check outs for the wooden keel, chines, girders, etc. which need to be enlarged for the timber version. The hull is double skinned in plywood for ease of construction and this also not only means that the plywood is very easily bent to shape, but with the 2 skins glued together the hull holds its shape particularly well. The craft is built on 4 fore and aft girders which form separate buoyancy compartments under the floor and is frameless the same as the aluminium version. The RAIDER has been designed for motors of 40 to 150 h.p. A 40 h.p. outboard will give a top speed of 30 m.p.h. and an 80 h.p. outboard a top speed of 44 m.p.h.

CABIN STYLES: Standard, Cuddy, Runabout

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom as well as detailed drawings and written instructions on construction procedure for both aluminium and plywood.

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