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Plaza 5.1m

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LOA: 18ft 5.486m
Beam: 6'9" 2.057m
Draught: 14" 355mm
Deadrise: 17' at transom - 23° midship
Hull Weight: 681 kgs
Timber: Approx. 100 super
Plywood: 1 sheet 18mm; 19 sheets 9mm 14 sheets 6mm; 11 sheets 4mm 25 litres epoxy resin and hardener
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The PLAZA is a high speed runabout designed as either a cabin boat or open version. This craft is strongly constructed using plywood girders fore and aft which are cut from 9mm plywood and these are slotted into 9mm plywood frames and reinforced down the outer edges with 19mm solid timber. The bottom of the craft is skinned with two layers of 6mm 5 ply and the sides with 2 layers of 4mm 3 ply. The frames are later cut away along the floor line and bunk top line and level cockpit floor and bunks cut from 9mm plywood bonded into place with fibreglass. The whole interior of the hull is glassed with 18oz woven rovings to stiffen

the bottom panels and a fuel tank can be built in, in the centre of the cockpit if desired. The fore cabin has 2 vee bunks 1828mm in length and this still leaves a 3022mm cockpit area. The head­room in the fore cabin is 939mm. The craft is suited to outboards 80 h.p. up or inboard/outboard. A 140 h.p. outboard will give a top speed of 50 m.p.h. and cruise at 40 m.p.h.

CABIN STYLES: Standard or Runabout

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of all the frames, gird­ers and transom as well as detailed drawings on hull construc­tion, deck and cabin and interior plus written instructions.

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