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Intruder 5.7m

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LOA: 19'0" 5.791m
Beam: 7'8" 2.336m
Draught: 131/2" 342mm
Height: 6'6" 1981mm
Freeboard: 2' 101/2" 875mm
Aluminium Plate: 5mm 2400 x 1200 x 5mm 6 sheets 3mm 2400 x 1200 x 3mm 11 sheets
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The INTRUDER has been designed for aluminium construction. Also included is a plywood version as the design is ideal for either medium. The aluminium version is as follows: Bottom 5mm; topsides, deck and cabin 3mm. The hull is constructed over temporary frames of 12mm chipboard on which the keel, chine bars and gunwale bars are attached as well as the girders. The hull is then simply plated over both the temporary framework on to the keel, chine bars, etc. This is a simple proven form of construction which gives a nice fair hull. After the hull is turned over the temporary frames are removed and the 3mm floor welded into place which gives an immensely stiff hull. The plywood version is constructed from double skin plywood with a bottom of two skins of 6mm over wooden fore and aft girders, laminated chines, keel, gunwales, etc. The topsides are from two skins of 4mm while the cockpit floor is from 12mm.

The design is a medium vee hull form which gives good stability at rest as well as offering a soft ride under way. It also features a built in boarding platform and outboard mount for either one or two motors. The craft is designed to take motors from 40 h.p. to 140 h.p. A 40 h.p. outboard will give a top speed of 26 knots and a cruise of 22 knots. A 80 h.p. outboard a top speed of 33 knots cruise at 27 knots. The interior layout consists of vee bunks in the fore cabin.


The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem, transom, etc. as well as detailed drawings on aluminium construction, cabin dimensions, etc. and a plywood conversion sheet, plus written instructions for both options. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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