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Impact 5m

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$ 480.00
Length including platform: 19'8" 5.994m
Hull length: 18'0" 5.486m
Beam: 7'4 1/2" 2.247m
Draught: 16" 406mm
Aluminium Plate; 4mm 6 sheets; 3mm 13 sheets
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The IMPACT 5.4m has been specifically designed for aluminium plate construction. Also included is a plywood version as the design is ideal for either medium. The hull has no compound curves and is plated in 4mm bottom and 3mm sides, deck, cabin, etc. The design features a built-in boarding platform and outboard bracket, stern door, with a large roomy cockpit and two vee bunks forward as well as easy access through the front of the cabin via a large hatch for anchoring, etc. The plywood version is constructed from double skin plywood with the bottom of 2 skins of 6mm over wooden fore and aft girders, laminated chines, keel and gunwales. The topsides are 2 skins of 4mm, floor 12mm and deck and cabin 9mm.

The craft is built upside down on a simple building jig over timber frames which are slotted to accept the keel bar and girders. The chine bars and gunwale bars are temporarily fastened to the frames of the craft which is plated in the upside down position. This makes accurate construction a relatively simply matter. This design suits outboards of 40 h.p. to 220 h.p. depending on performance required.

CABIN STYLES: Standard, Cuddy

The plans include FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the temporary frames, stem and transom as well as detailed drawings on hull construction, building jig, decks and cabin, and a plywood conversion sheet, plus written instructions for both options.

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