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Delta V 5.4m

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LOA: 5.411m (17'9")
Length on waterline: 4.5m (14'10")
Beam: 1.9m (6'5")
Draught: 330mm (13")
Cockpit Length: 8'9" 2.6m
Cockpit Width: 8'9" 2.6m
Freeboard: 1'6" 457mm
Weight: 680Ibs 272kg
Deadrise: 20° transom
Timber: 228 x 25 - 40m
Plywood: 1 sheet 19mm; 1 sheet 9mm, 10 sheets 6m,
Hull: 6 sheets 4mm
Decks: 4 sheets 9mm;2 sheets 6mm
Floor: 3 sheets 12mm
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The DELTA V has been designed as a high performance open runabout suitable for single or twin outboards on brackets or in a well, Sea Drive, I/O or jet as well as surface drive. A 100 h.p. outboard will give a top speed of 50 m.p.h. Twin 80 h.p. outboards a top speed of 53 m.p.h.

The craft is constructed over fore and aft girders with some tem­porary framing to hold the chines, gunwales and keel in place while the double skin of plywood is applied. This comprises 2 skins of 6mm 5 ply on the bottom and 2 skins of 4mm 5 ply on the sides. The interior of the craft is later reinforced with a lamina­tion of fibreglass which comprises chopped strand mat and 18 oz woven ravings. The deck layout has been designed to give the minimum of windage while still creating a strong deck area with the built up facia or instrument panel which adds depth to the interior of the craft. The outside of the hull bottom is fitted with our latest lifting strake configuration with a full length keel strake and large bottom lifting strakes. The inner strakes are terminated on the planing lifting strake which helps to stabilise the vessel in a fore and aft trim and prevent porpoising. The Delta hull shape with its pronounced stem rake and relatively flat chine line has been designed to give a soft ride with good han­dling.


The plan includes FULL SIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem, transom, plus detailed drawings on hull construction, inte­rior, etc. plus written instructions.

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