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Charleston 5.4m

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LOA: 5.4m to 6.4m
Beam: 1.8m
Draught: 558mm
Freeboard: 711mm
Weight ex machinery: 308kgs
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The CHARLESTON is a traditional, old style, twin cockpit runabout in the classic style and is cheap to construct and power because secondhand automotive engines are normally used, it is easy to trail because the main weight, i.e. the engine is amidships right over the top of the axle assembly on the trailer and has a good turn of speed. The most common engines used in this type of craft are the American VS GM or Ford based engine. There is a huge engine compartment in the centre of the vessel which al­lows plenty of room for any type of automotive motor or conver­sion without the expense of vee drives or I/O. Performance with a 200 h.p. motor would be approximately 45 m.p.h. using a 12 x 12 three blade propeller and with a two blade 12 x 14 50 m.p.h. Shaft size 1" diameter s/s with a's or bronze rudder and strut. Fuel capacity 30 gallons.

The hull shape features a fine deep bow section with plenty of flare in the topsides, tumble home sides aft, curved stern and a fairly flat parallel run over the last 1.8m. The hull is completely double skinned in plywood which gives an exceptionally strong shell over sawn frames and fairly large bottom stringers with lami­nated chines and gunwales. The bottom is double skinned in 6 mm 5 ply with a 6 oz fibreglass outer skin of epoxy glass to give complete protection. The decks are double skinned in 2 layers of plywood, the first layer being 6mm and the outer layer Ma­hogany, Redwood, Teak or similar. The twin cockpits offer se­cure seating for 6 people while the forward cockpit is protected by a fairly upright glass windscreen framed in 2/2 or brass in keeping with the style of the vessel. The all up weight of the boat including trailer should be just under 1 tonne.

The plans include FULL SIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem, rims and transom, detailed drawings on hull construction, decks, interior and engine mounts etc., plus written instructions.

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