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Aquarius SK

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$ 280.00
LOA: 18'
Beam: 80"
Chine beam: 67"
Hull depth max: 23"
Hull weight: 600lbs
Draught at rest: 1'9"
Tunnel width: 3'9"

The SKUARIUS is a high performance inboard ski boat designed for sheet plywood construction. This design incorporates fullsize patterns of all the major hull components, frames, stem and transom to ensure accuracy for the amateur builder. All the frames and engine beds are plywood reinforced on both sides and gusseted between the engine beds and frames in angle aluminium. The bottom consists of two skins of 3/8" which is later fibreglassed to give an all up skin thickness on the bottom of 13/16". This makes the craft capable of taking extremely large h.p. engines and still hang together under hard punishment. This design has a slight camber across the bottom at the stern to ensure good cornering. A327 c.i. Chev with a 4 barrel carburettor and an 18% overdrive in the vee drive unit swinging an 11/12 three blade prop gives speeds well in excess of 60 m.p.h. A hotter version of 327 Chev with a 2 blade racing prop in the same vee drive gives speeds well in excess of 70 m.p.h. With 400 h.p. in this hull speeds in excess of 80 m.p.h. are easily obtained. This hull is also suitable for 6 cylinder engines. A holden 186 with 1 to 1 vee drive gives speeds of over 40 m.p.h. and is suitable for water skiing, etc.

Prop recommendations and performance figures can be given on request. Please stipulate make and model of motor, accurate h.p. being developed, weight of engine and we can then recommend type of yea drive required and prop size plus estimated top speed. This "SK" hull has been designed for inboard propulsion and has a generous chine beam at the transom to support the weight of the heavier inboard engines.

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