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Resort 11m

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$ 4550.00
LOA: 11m
LWL: 8.5m
Beam: 3.5m
Draught: 609mm
Displacement: 6 tonnes
Plywood: 14 sheets 15mm, 33 sheets 12mm, 32 sheets 9mm, 8 sheets 6mm, 8 sheets 4mm
Timber: 800 super ft
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The RESORT is our latest fast Coastal cruising design. It is ex­ceptionally strong yet easily built and we would recommend cruis­ing speeds from 15/34 knots. The RESORT is a medium vee monohedron planing hull designed to be easily driven yet soft riding. The craft is designed for engines 200/400 h.p. diesel en­gines. The engines are located under the cockpit floor with room for shaft drive or surface piercing propellers, vee drive or I/O. Twin 130 h.p. motors give a top speed of 33 knots.

There are 3 cabin configurations included with the plan and these are shown on the study print. The construction is double bottom with the hull laminated out of 2 skins of 12mm ply reinforced on the outside with 6 oz fibreglass cloth and internally between the plywood floors and fore and aft girders with a heavy laminate of chopped strand mat and woven ravings. A structural 15mm ply­wood floor overlays the fore and aft girders and floors and is bonded to the hull with fibreglass. The topsides are 2 skins of 9 mm and the side decks 2 skins of 9mm while the cabin tops are ply/foam/ply laminates glassed on the outside.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem etc, plus detailed working drawings and written instructions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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