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Patrol 7.6m

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LOA: 25'0" 7620m
Beam: 9'0" 2743mm
Draught: 1'5" 431mm
Freeboard Forward: 4'3" 1295mm
Freeboard aft: 2'9" 838mm
Headroom Wheelhouse: 6'0" 1828mm
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The PATROL has been designed for pleasure and commercial work. It is ideal for patrol work for yacht clubs etc. or as a high speed fishing boat. The Patrol can easily be extended to 8.5m if desired and is suitable for both I/O die­sel drives of around 200 h.p. or single or twin outboards. A 200 h.p. diesel outdrive should give a top speed of 30 knots and a cruise of 25 knots and twin 70 h.p. outboards a top speed of 34 knots cruise at 30 knots and a single 140 h.p. outboard a top speed of 34 knots and cruise at 30 knots.

The craft features a large cockpit 10'6x8'0 (3198 x 2438) and is robustly constructed from 3 skins of 6mm for the bottom and 2 skins of 6mm for the sides. The craft has our proven gullwing stern section with fine entry, built in spray rail and flared bow to keep the craft dry in offshore conditions. The cabin length can be extended if desired to reduce the cockpit size for pleasure use. The interior layout normally consists of 2 bunks in the fore cabin and seating in the wheelhouse area. However, with a longer wheelhouse a galley and toilet compartment can easily be fitted behind the bunks in the fore cabin area.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames, stem, rims and transom plus detailed construction drawings and written instructions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.


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