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Patriot 9m

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LOA: 29'6" 9m
LWL: 24'9" 7.543m
Beam: 10'4 3/4" 3168mm
Draught: 3'2" 965mm
Displacement: 4 tonnes
Freeboard forward: 4'0" 1219mm
Freeboard aft: 3'1 1/2"," 915mm
Fuel: 80 gallons
Water: 50 gallons
Plywood: 18mm 2 sheets; 12mm 10 sheets; 9mm 51 sheets; 6mm 34 sheets
Timber: 10x1 1080 ft (254x25 - 324m) 10x1 1/4 220ft (254 x 31 - 66m)
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The PATRIOT is a small inboard planing launch with a 25ft deck length and 29'6" (9m) overall length including built in boarding platform. This hull has been designed for motors of 80 to 250 h.p. light weight 4 cylinder turbo-charged diesels preferred. A 130 h.p. turbo 4 cylinder should give a top speed of around 20 knots in normal trim, cruise at 18 knots.

The hull configuration is of deep vee forward sections fairing into monohedron shallow vee sections aft to give a reasonable flatshaft angle combined with low planing speeds. The slightly dropped sheer has been done to give plenty of freeboard for­ward without excessive freeboard aft. There are two cabin styles shown on the plan, a sports fishing version with flying bridge and the other an extended cabin cruising version.

The construction is of double skin plywood with the topsides be­ing 2 skins of 6mm and the bottom 2 skins of 9mm marine ply­wood over sawn frames with laminated bottom stringers, keel­son, chines and gunwales and solid topside stringers. There are 2 interior layouts shown on the plan. However, the interior can be laid out to suit individual requirements.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, stem and transom, plus detailed drawings on hull construction, deck and cabin structure, engine installation etc. plus written instruc­tions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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