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Liberty 10m

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LOA: 33ft 10m
Beam: 11'8" 3.555m
Draught: 3'2" 965mm
Freeboard Forward: 4'7" 1.397m
Freeboard aft: 3'8" 1.117m
Headroom: 6'4" 1.930m
Displacement: 5.314 tonnes
Fuel: 148.6 gallons; (675 litres)
Water: 55.4 gallons: (252 litres)
Timber: 1200 super ft
Plywood: 17 sheets 12mm; 46 sheets 9mm; 61 sheets 6mm.
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The LIBERTY is an easily driven planing hull and is designed to give optimum efficiency with an extremely flat propeller shaft angle. The Liberty has a full length spray deflector along the chine to ensure the vessel stays dry in open water conditions. The craft is constructed over conventional frames at 914mm centres with laminated bottom stringers and solid side stringers. The chines and gunwales are also laminated out of 3 laminations of 22mm timber. The bottom is skinned with 2 laminations of 9mm ply or timber while the topsides are 2 laminations of 6mm. We show 2 basic interior layouts on the plan and these are shown on the study print. A 6 cylinder engine of 180 h.p. driving through a 2 to 1 reduction will give a maximum speed of 18 knots and a cruise of 16 knots.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames, stem and transom plus detailed drawings on hull construction, engine installation, cabin structure and interior. Dimensions are given in metric and imperial.

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