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White Wings 7.315m

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LOA: 24ft 7.315m
LWL: 22ft 6.705m
Beam: 15ft 4.572m
Freeboard fwd: 4ft 1.219m
Freeboard aft: 3ft 0.914m
Draught: 1'14" 0.406m
Mast Height: 36'4" 11.072m
Displacement: 2300Ibs
Headroom bridge deck: 4'6" (1371)
Headroom hulls: 4'9" (1447)
Bridge deck clearance: 1'6" 457
Main luff - 28'2"; Foot - 11'6"; Leech - 30'6"; Jib luff 23'0"; Foot 8'6"; Leech 20'6"
Plywood: 4mm 38 sheets; 6mm 27 sheets; 9mm 12 sheets; 12mm 2 sheets
Timber: 525 super ft
Nails: Bronze 3/4x14 101bs; 1x12 51bs; 11/4)(12 5lbs
Screws: 2x10 800; 114)(9 800; 1x8 600; 314x6 400
Glue: Epoxy 4 litres; 2 litres hardener; Resorcinal 10 litres
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The WHITE WINGS is a new symmetrical vee hull design based on our extremely popular Glide Time 27'9" catamaran. The White Wings although nearly 4ft shorter than the Glide Time has nearly the same freeboard forard and headroom in the main cabin. The White Wings has four watertight compartments for positive flotation and the hulls are skinned in 2 layers of 4mm plywood over frames and fore and aft stringers which ensures a strong semi-moulded hull construction. The craft has laminated keelsons which can be reinforced externally with stainless steel or bronze plates for grounding.

The interior layout consists of a berth forard in each hull, a dinette in the saloon with a large athwartships double berth ahead of the dinette. The dinette can also fold down to form another double berth if desired. There is a shower and toilet in the port hull and a sliding stove which is in a drawer under the dinette seats and accessible from inside the hull which has reasonable headroom for cooking. There is a sales storage area in the aft end of both hulls and a large self draining cockpit.

The White Wings has a longer bridge deck than the Glide Time to make maximum use of cabin space in this mini cruising cat. Because of the fullness of the White Wings hulls we have added 2 small dagger boards. However, this craft will sail quite well without the boards if desired which is an advantage if negotiating shallow water. The rudders are case style the same as the Glide Time with shock cords holding the rudder blades in place to prevent damage in case of striking the bottom. The blades can also be raised vertically for shallow water operation.

The craft could be equipped with a small auxilary inboard motor if desired or an outboard can be slung from the after end of the cockpit. We have found this construction ideal for amateurs and the fullsize templates of the frame work takes the guess work out of constructing the craft.

The White Wings has a three quarter rig with fully battened main and a small narrow headsail. It would also be advisable to have a storm jib for heavy conditions and this combined with the three deep reefs in the mainsail enables the craft to handle robust conditions. The 15ft beam is generous for a craft of 24ft and this gives excellent stability. Combined with the high bows which have a lot of reserve buoyancy this craft is excellent for heavy going. Our estimate of the building time of the hulls filled and sanded and glassed is 300 hours; bridge deck, decks and cabin 180 hours; interior finishing and painting etc. 200hours.

The White Wings has been designed to be capable of ocean cruising and is substantially constructed with 7 athwartships bulkheads and girders which tie into the frame work of the hull. She has 18" minimum bridge deck clearance amidships and the bridge deck has been designed to conform with the water flow around the hull and this helps to increase the clearance when sailing to almost 2ft.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames etc. full construction drawings plus detailed written instructions.

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