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White Lightning 7.10m

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LOA: 23ft 7.10m
Sailing beam: 11'5" 3.4m
Trailing beam: 8'0" 2.4m
Draught: 9" 0.228mm
Mast Height: 27'11" 8.5m
Displacement: 1900Ibs 855kgs
Freeboard fwd: 3'3"
Freeboard aft: 2'9"
Headroom: 1.447m
Sail area: Main sail -52sq.ft (14.12 sqm), Jib - 58 sq.ft (5.39 sqm)
Plywood: 23 sheets 8mm; 7 sheets 4mm
Timber: 6x1 300 lineal ft or 90m
Glue: 4 litres resorcinal
20 litres polyester laminating resin 10 m 60z chopped strand mat
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WHITE LIGHTNING is a trailable catamaran with 4 berths in the hulls. It is designed to be trailed by a medium size car round 1500cc. The hulls have glassed in tubes which take the cross members. The cross members are exactly 8ft and slide completely through the hulls to achieve the 8ft trailing beam. The craft is then launched at the aft width and when in the water is easily pulled out to the sailing beam and the holding bolts threaded into place which locks the craft securely in the sailing mode.

The craft is constructed from sheet plywood over temporary frames and there are fullsize templates of the frame work plus stems, bulkheads and transoms. These are symmetrical hard chine hulls and are easily constructed by the amateur builder. The centreboard cases are off set to the inside of the hulls to keep them clear of the bunks and the cases are plywood boxes simply fibreglassed into place after the hulls are completed. The White Lightning features watertight compartments forard plus buoyancy compartments under the bunks so that the craft is fully buoyant. The generous sailing beam and modest rig ensure a very stiff boat of high performance.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frame, stems and transom plus detailed drawings of hull construction, rig and general construction method plus written instructions. The plan gives metric and imperial measurements. For price of plan see attached price list.

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