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Free Spirit 14.935m

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LOA: 49ft 14.935m
Beam: 24ft 7.315m
Freeboard fwd: 6'10" 2.082m
Freeboard aft: 5'2" 1.574m
Draught: 2'3" 0.685m
Cockpit size: 17' x 9'3" 5181 x 2819
Height of mast: 56'9" 17.296m
Length of boom: 19'0" 6.791m
Headroom: 6'3" (1.905m) throughout main cabin
Weight: 6000lbs
Bridge deck clearance: 2'6" 0.762m
Displacement: 17,303 lbs 7855 kgs
Sail area:
Mainsail 514 sq.ft
Jib 502 sq.ft
Staysail 237 sq.ft
Plywood: 12mm 46 sheets, 6mm 52 sheets, 9mm 23 sheets, 7.5mm 140 sheets
Timber: 2300 super ft
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The FREE SPIRIT has been designed for extended ocean cruising. This is a moderate displacement catamaran designed to take the punishment of extreme conditions. The hulls are constructed over sawn frames of 4 x 1 1/4 (100 x 31) with fore and aft stringers of 2 x 1 (50 x 25) on edge which support the skin, which is two skins of 7.5mm ply giving a total skin thickness of 15mm. The bridge deck is also two skins of 7.5mm ply and the craft is held together by a number of transverse bulkheads and box section girders. The decks and cabin tops are double skinned in 6mm ply over laminated beams. There is a watertight bulkhead both fore and aft in the hulls for safety. The Free Spirit has a centre cockpit which gives better than average visibility forard, as the cockpit can be elevated to give a good view for the helmsman. The auxilary engine is mounted up on the bridge deck in the cockpit for ease of maintenance and the two propeller shafts are coupled to the motor via a hydraulic drive. This allows the propeller shaft to be driven in either direction enabling the craft to be manoeuvred easily in confined spaces, also, hydraulic drives have a very high efficiency. Little power is lost and it leaves the interior of the hulls completely free from engine installation. The hydraulic motors that are coupled to the propeller shafts easily fit under the floor and require little or no maintenance. A 50 h.p. diesel will give a speed of 10/12 knots. There is provision for 252 gallons of water and 112 gallons of diesel. The interior layout consists of four 2 berth cabins and two single berth cabins with ample facilities for the crew. The saloon is extremely roomy having a length fore and aft of 11 ft and a width of 16 ft.

The craft has been cutter rigged to divide the sails up into easily handled areas. Slab reefing is used on the mainsail and this combined with the staysail allows the rig to be snugged down for storm conditions. With this type of craft which sails with very little angle of heel, the strain on the crew is reduced to a minimum. The sails can be easily handled from a level deck and this allows for easy sail changing, reefing, etc. With a beam of 24 ft there is an enormous area of deck to both work the craft and for recreational use in harbour.

The plan includes FULLSIZE PATTERNS of the frames, stem and transom plus detailed working drawings and written instructions. For price of plan see attached price list.

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