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Alpha 12m

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Hull length: 40ft 12.129m
Beam: 15ft 4.572m
Draught: 2ft .609m
Displacement: 8.3 tonnes
Weight: 6.5 tonnes
Materials: 3mm 30 sheets; 4mm 28 sheets; 5mm 31 sheets; 500kg rectangular bar
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The ALPHA 12m power catamaran has been designed to be easily constructed out of marine grade aluminium with no compound curves or complex shapes. The bottom configuration of the hulls incorporates our latest thinking on power cat design. This features a large centreline lifting strake which is slightly rockered at the after end to bring the craft quickly up on to a plane. The sponsons are symmetrical in shape and have deep vee forward sections blending into medium vee after planing sections with large upper and lower spray chines. The overall beam of the craft has been kept down to decrease weight as much as possible and to allow the vessel to be moored in a marina. The easily driven hulls make this craft ideal for outboard propulsion. Twin 225 h.p. outboards give a useable 26 knots or 31 m.p.h. Higher speeds can be obtained with larger outboards or smaller motors can be used. This hull is also ideally suited to diesel inboard/outboard such as the 200 h.p. duoprops which will give a useable 26 knots or with surface drives the same engines with gear boxes a 30 knot top speed. The cabin styling has been designed to be easily constructed from sheet material with 5 plate windscreens giving a multi-facet screen across the front of the cabin, sliding glass side windows in the saloon and plenty of rake on the whole cabin front to minimise wind resistance. The hulls are constructed of marine grade aluminium plate with 5mm bottoms, 4mm sides, 5mm bridgedeck and 3mm cabin structure. The interior layout consists of 2 separate double cabins forward with their own ensuites, shower and toilets, a large saloon with a further fold out bed settee, roomy galley and L shaped settee dinette.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames, plus detailed drawings on hull construction, cabin, interior layout and written instructions.

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