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Wilderness 5.3m

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$ 105.00
LOA: 17'6" 5.333m
Beam: 36" 914mm
Depth: 313mm
Bow height: 624mm
Weight: 36" 35kgs

The WILDERNESS is a traditional Canadian canoe in shape and hull form. This canoe has neen designed for camping and general river work with excellent load carrying ability and stability. The construction is quite simple for amateur builders as the craft is built over temporary frames, fullsize templates for which are supplied, and strip planked in Cedar which is fibreglassed both inside and out giving an exceptionally strong, light weight, watertight construction. This allows amateur builders to get a very professional looking craft which is relatively easy to build. This canoe is capable of taking 4 adults or a considerable amount of camping gear.

The plan includes FULLSIZE TEMPLATES of the frames and stem as well as detailed drawings on construction plus written instructions. The plan is in metric and imperial measurements.

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