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Norstar 14ft Kayak

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$ 95.00
LOA: 14ft
Beam: 1'9 1/4"
Hull depth: 11"

This is an easily constructed plywood kayak with a skin of 3/16" Marine plywood which gives a lightweight strong hull. The Norstar is easily paddled by one or two people and is light enough to be carried on the roof rack of a small car. The weight would be approximately 60 lbs if lightweight materials are used. This is a very easily driven seaworthy hull and has been designed with safety in mind. Ther are watertight bulkheads fore and aft to prevent the kayak sinking in the event of a capsize and the stem pieces protrude through the deck so that a permanent bow and stern line can be attached for added safety.

The plan features FULLSIZE FRAME PATTERNS and these are simply cut from plywood and then reinforced with 3/4" timber battens so that 3/16" the chines and gunwales etc. can be easily screwed and glued in place.

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