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Bullet 3.911m Power Boat
Designed as a sports boat suitable for fishing, water skiing, diving etc. The hull is designed to give good performance in rough water and if properly built to plan is an exceptionally strong vessel. Although designed for outboards, the Bullet is the ideal shape for either jet propulsion or surface drive and can take the weight of  small inboard engines.
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LOA:  13'10" (4.216m)
Hull Length:  12'10"  (3.911m)
Beam:  5'9"  (1.752m)
Weight:  263kgs
Timber: 10x1 40ft (254 x 25 - 12m)
9x1 90ft (228 x 25 - 25m)

1 sheet 18mm; 3 sheets 12mm
sheets 9mm; 7 sheets 6mm

Pelin Striker Power Boat
Striker 4.4m Power Boat

Target Power Boat
Target 5.1m Power Boat

Bullet Power Boat

Bullet 3.911m Power Boat

Plaza Power Boat
Plaza 5.86m Power Boat

Raider Aluminium Power Boat
Raider 5m Aluminium Power Boat

Intruder Aluminium Power Boat
Intruder 5.7m Aluminium Power Boat


Impact 5.4m Aluminium Power Boat
Specifically designed for aluminium plate but also included is a plywood version as the design is ideal for either medium. The design features a built-in boarding platform and outboard bracket, stern door, with a large roomy cockpit and two vee bunks forward, as well as easy access through the front of the cabin via a large hatch for anchoring etc.
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Length :  19'8" (5.994m) Incl platform
Hull Length:  18'0" (5.486m)
Beam:  7'4"  (2.247m)
Draught: 16"  406mm
Materials: 4mm - 6 sheets; 3mm - 13 sheets

Impact Aluminium Power Boat

Impact 5.4m Aluminium Power Boat

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