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Eclipse 12m Launch
A high performance launch designed for speeds of 30 knots, achieved by twin engines of around 330hp or a 500hp single engine. The craft is built using Pelin's proven method for high performance launches, based on sawn frames overlaid with large laminated stringers and a double skin bottom and top sides. Construction is simple and suited to both professional and amateur builders. The internal layout can be varied to suit individual requirements.
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LOA:  12m
Beam:  4.114m
Draught:  1.14m
Freeboard Forward: 1.447m
Freeboard Aft: 1.295m
Headroom Throughout:


Displacement: 8550kgs
Water: 100 gals   Fuel: 300 gals

Pelin Patrol Planning Launch
Patrol 7.6m Launch

Patriot Planing Launch
Patriot 9m Launch

Pelin Eclipse Planning Launch

Eclipse 12m Planning Launch

Conquest Planning Launch
Conquest 9.7m Launch

Hallmark Launch
Hallmark 10m Launch

Diplomat 10.9m Launch

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Envoy 15m Launch
Designed as a sports, fishing or game boat with twin diesel engine power. The Envoy is capable of 27 knots with a cruise around 20/25 knots which can be achieved with motors such as twin 450hp. The interior layout is fairly conventional and is shown on the study print. The flying bridge is laid out with game fishing in mind and the boarding transom can be folded up. The Envoy is capable of extensive cruising in open sea conditions with generous freeboard forward, deep forefoot and relatively large keel ensuring good directional stability especially at low speeds normally used for fishing. Study Print Available

LOA:  55ft  (16.7m)
Hull Length 50ft  (15.2m)
LWL: 43'6" (13.2m)
Draught: 3'5"  (1041mm)
Beam:  15'9" (4.8m)
Displacement: 14.9 tonnes
Freeboard Forward:   6'0"  (1828mm)
Freeboard Aft: 4'3"  (1270mm)
Headroom: 6'6"  (1981mm)
Fuel: 1500 litres   Water: 800 litres

Envoy Planning Launch

Envoy 15m Planning Launch

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