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Pelin Power Dorys are designed to be as cheap as possible to build, using Pine construction plywood and cheap sold timber such as Pine and Macrocarpa. The simple but robust construction requires no building jig as the craft is built on its own bottom. Only minimum skill and tools required.

Pelin Sailing Dorys are made from good quality material and constructed using building jigs

Tamaki 4.876m Dory  
Designed along traditional lines but incorporating modern materials. The craft is designed for easy steering and can be rowed effortlessly for hours. The hull shape also lends itself to sailing and has a rig designed specifically for the Tamaki. Can also be powered by a small outboard or inboard engine

LOA:  16'0" (4.876m)
Beam:  4'6"  (1.137m)
Weight:  300lbs  (150kgs)
Construction: 9mm over solid frames
Mast Height:  14'8"  (4.470m)
Boom:  9'2"  (2.794m)

Oneida Cabin Dory
7m Cabin Dory

Tamaki Sailing Dory
Tamaki 4.876m Dory

Keeper 6m Dory 
Designed for general purpose use with a small shelter cabin. The craft is suited to shoal draught operation as well as being excellent in rough water. Keeper is easily constructed from plywood and Pine, Macrocarpa or similar timber. The hull shape ensures it gives a good ride in rough water and excellent stability at rest for fishing etc. Speeds of up to 35mph can be expected from twin 40hp outboards or a single 80hp outboard.

LOA:  20'0" (6.096m)
Beam:  7'7"  (2.311m)
Draught: 5"  127mm
Hull Weight:  800lbs  (380kgs)
Timber: 6x1 150ft (152 x 25 - 45m)
Plywood: 9mm -11 sheets / 12mm - 6 sheets

Keeper Power Dory

Keeper 6m Power Dory

Partner Power Dory
Partner 7.9m Power Dory

Buddy Power Dory
Buddy 4.5m Power Dory

Sandbagger Sailing Dory
5.7m Dory

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