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Pelin Dinghies and Canoes are easy to construct and are suitable for the amateur builder. Featured are two of our many designs -  full details and a complete range of dinghy and canoe designs can be found in our catalogue.

(Stitch & Tape Dinghies)
The Gemini range of dinghies have been designed as light weight stem dinghies, ideal for a car top, boat tender, fishing, shooting, netting or as a fun sailing. The construction although strong is extremely light with full built in bouyancy for maximum safety. This is the ideal craft to build to gain experience in simple boat building techniques. Gemini range of dinghies are available in the following sizes:

Gemini 7'3" (2.209m)
Beam:   4'0"  (1.219m)
Weight: Approx 18kgs

Gemini 8'3"
Beam:   4'6"  (1.371m)
Weight: Approx 20kgs

Gemini 9'0"
Beam:   5'0"  (1.524m)
Weight: Approx 35kgs

Nomad Dinghy
Nomad 10ft Car Top Dinghy

Gemini Dinghy
Gemini Dingy

Praam Dinghy
Designed as a large roomy praam dingy suitable for fishing or as a tender. It is light and easily constructed from the fullsize patterns of the frames and transoms. The craft is constructed upside down on a simple jig or a wooden floor.

Average Building Time: 32 hours

Timber:   30 super feet 9x1
Plywood: 8x4x1/4" 2 sheets

Praam Dinghy
Praam Dinghy

Stillwater Rowing Dinghy
Stillwater 3.682m Traditional Style Rowing Dinghy

Wilderness - Canadian Canoe
Wilderness 5.3m Traditional Canadian Canoe

Alaska Sea Kayak
Alaska 5.7m  Seagoing Kayak

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10ft Sailing Dinghy
10ft Sailing Dingy

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